2023 Self-Care Ideas

Woman sipping beverage on couch while reading as part of her self-care routine.

Self-care is the buzz word that everyone uses when talking about wellness. We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it have to be overwhelmingly time-consuming.

In this article, we’ll dive into seven self-care ideas to consider incorporating to improve your overall health and well-being.

Self-care ideas

My focus these days is on self-care. Making small changes to my daily regimens has required quite a bit of trial and error to find what works best for me. I’ve tried different products and services from various brands. Some were absolutely not, some so-so, and some definite keepers.  

I will continue my quest for all things bliss, but for now, here are seven ideas for self-care products and regimins that have improved my life and, in turn, my delight and overall happiness this year.  


Health-Ade Kombucha

“Kombucha tastes great and is so good for you!” I’ve been hearing this for years from what seemed like nearly everyone; colleagues, friends, family, and the mailperson. Maybe not that last one, but there was no escaping the rise of kombucha. And really, why would I want to escape it? Tastes good and good for you? I was into it. That is until I finally tried it. My “yes, please” turned into a “no, thank you” real fast. But I kept trying.  

My first try was about two years ago. My office had it on tap, and I figured, what better time? It was all I could do not to spit it out. It was a far cry from good. In fact, disgusting was the word that came to mind, but with everyone insisting it was tasty, I decided to give it another try. So, a couple of months later, when a friend pulled one out of her fridge and asked if I’d like to split it, I said sure. I couldn’t get past the first sip. It was all hers.  

I was starting to think kombucha just wasn’t for me when I saw a display in the grocery store one day. It was on sale and a different brand than what my friend had. I put some in my cart. The third time’s the charm, right? It turns out it was. I actually liked the taste! I’m so glad I kept trying because now I am reaping the benefits of a happier belly and a boost of energy without a crash. I’m a believer, and I’m hooked.  

Through my trial and error, I found my favorite brand is Health-Ade, which is usually available in your local supermarket. I’ve pretty much tried all the flavors, and though I’ve liked them all, my faves are Pink Lady Apple and Passion Fruit Tangerine. Go out and try some!  

Farrah’s Picks

Health-Ade Kombucha Tea Organic Drink 

Organic Superfood Latte  

Organic Superfood Latte Mix

Coffee, the magical little bean that transforms into liquid heaven. Though some mornings I opt for green tea, which I really do enjoy, there’s nothing better than starting my day with my favorite cup of coffee. Or so I thought until I discovered how to make it a truly healthy option without sacrificing the actual coffee.  

When I received a bag of Cacao + Ashwagandha Organic Superfood Latte by Tusol in my quarterly Aesthete Box by Cloth & Paper, I couldn’t wait to try it. The very next morning, I stirred a few scoops of the powder mix into my coffee and then sat back to enjoy a beautifully rich and chocolatey cup of brew. How in the world can something so tasty also boost my metabolism and immune system with every sip? I chose not to question and simply enjoy. My mornings have become lovelier for it.  

Farrah’s Picks

Organic Superfood Latte Mix 

Bee Inspired Strength Body Butter 

Bee Inspired Body Butter

Last Christmas, one of my dearest friends gave me a gift set from Bee Inspired, a small manufacturer of artisan-crafted products made with honey. The gift set included a jar of Strength Body Butter. From my first use, I was hooked and became a loyal customer.  

Not only does this body butter smell divine, giving off hints of warming clove, cinnamon, and citrus oils, but it effortlessly melts into my body, leaving my skin feeling lush and, well, buttery. It’s my go-to every night as I step out of the shower, and my skin has never been happier.  

Farrah’s Picks

Strength Body Butter 

JLo Beauty and Body Products 

JLo Beauty line of products

Skincare was never a priority for me until I hit my early forties when looking in the mirror changed a bit. I noticed my skin was a bit dull and not as lush as it had once been. That wasn’t going to do.  

Over the years, I tried several skin care lines, from drugstore brands to luxury skin care products. Haven’t we all? While some of these grabs were better than others, none really had a noticeable effect on my skin, and I’d quit using them before long. That all changed when I received a sample of the JLo Serum from Sephora.  

I’ve never been one to run to celebrity branded products. I tend to steer clear as they seem gimmicky with little chance of living up to the marketing promises. JLo proved me wrong. She created the ultimate thirst trap for the skin. It only took a few days of using the sample before I purchased the entire beauty line. 

Once I started regularly using the facial cleanser, mask, serum, nightly treatment, and moisturizer, I saw a drastic difference in my skin. The dullness vanished. The overall tone of my complexion evened, I had fewer breakouts, and I started receiving comments that my skin was glowing. That’s when I went all in.  

After experiencing such stellar results with my face, I decided to try the JLo Body products. It did not disappoint. After only a few days of using the body serum, cream, and booty balm, my skin felt silky smooth and stayed moisturized all day. And the scent was perfect; lovely on its own yet light enough to pair with one of my go-to perfumes. But the biggest win for me is that within weeks of using these products every morning, I noticed my stretch marks fading. Just shy of six months later, only a hint of them remains. Say what?! I was not expecting that, and I am complaining in no way, shape, or form! I’ll just be over here in the cheering section.   

Farrah’s Picks

JLo Beauty 

Scented Candles  

Basilica candle

I am a candle lover. There’s not much that can set or change the mood like a candle. Hence my excitement when I discovered the Basilica candle from Cloth & Paper.  

I cannot get enough of this soy blend candle’s cozy vanilla, oak, and winter spice scent. To elevate the experience even further, it crackles like logs burning when you light it. This candle is a sensory dream and a great way to start my day. Each morning, I light my Basilica candle, letting it burn for a few hours allowing the scent and sound ease me into my workday.   

Farrah’s Picks

Aesthete LIfestyle Collection Basilica Candle by Cloth & Paper

Bi-Weekly Massages 

Woman getting massage as part of self-are routine

I treat my body to a 60-minute deep tissue massage every other week. You may be thinking, dang, isn’t that expensive? Well, it’s not cheap, but like my JLo products, the difference in my body since I started doing this for myself is substantial. It’s worth every penny. 

Life is hard. Our bodies take the brunt of it. We hold all the stress of working, parenting, driving, exercising, and even sleeping in our muscles. This buildup of tension can eventually cause injury or pain, sending us to doctors or specialists to try to undo it all. Talk about expensive, not to mention painful. So, I’ve decided to be proactive about my body’s well-being rather than retroactive. Since inserting regular massages into my life, I’ve seen improvements in my sleep, attitude, yoga practice, and even my productivity at work. I just feel better. 

When I say I massage, I’m not talking about going for a spa day and getting a rubdown. I’m talking about intentional massage integration with a therapist with great knowledge and intuition of the workings of bodies. It took me a bit to find my person. But I finally found the massage therapist for me by asking around. I highly recommend word of mouth. But don’t settle for someone because they’re right for someone else. If you find the perfect person right away, great! If not, don’t be afraid to try other therapists until you find someone you click with. Being comfortable with your massage therapist is not to be overlooked. 

Once you find your person, roll with it. Set yourself up on a schedule. The more your massage therapist gets to know your body, the more they can help you resolve issues you didn’t even know you had until they pinpointed it.  


Women practicing yoga

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about the unexpected benefits I received from practicing yoga. I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong in my practice and reaping the benefits. 

Yoga has become an integral part of my life. Nothing else gives me the clarity and tranquility that practicing yoga does. No matter how busy my days get, I make sure to dedicate one hour to my practice. It’s those extra busy days I need it the most. I never regret taking the time to hit my mat and work off some stress.   In a world that is increasingly speeding up and pulling us in different directions, self-care is a must. Taking the time to focus on my well-being has been one of the best moves I’ve made in a very long time. Everything in my world is better because of it. 

How about you? How do you love on yourself?  What are your self-care ideas for this year?  

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