8 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2023

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2022 marked the beginning of a new and improved chapter of life for me. I’ve learned and grown along my path to living my best life, and now it’s time to raise the bar.

As I reflect on this past year, I’m happy with how far I’ve come and see where I can do even more.  

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How to improve your life in 2023

In the spirit of progressing towards living my best life, I have come up with eight practices I will change in 2023.

#8 Giving in to bad hair days

Picture getting ready to meet your girls for lunch at your favorite restaurant. You slip on your body hugging jeans, ankle boots and chunky tan cable knit cardigan with a white tank and gold accessories. You feel good. You’re owning it. 

But, then you glance out the window and see raindrops beginning to fall.  Your high spirits immediately start to sink because    you know, without a doubt, that the moment you step out of the house, your hair will instantly frizz. And, you don’t have much time to do anything about it. 

In 2023, don’t let the humidity or a hectic schedule put a damper on your look. Try a quick, easy and stylish pulled back hairstyle or a hat that can complement or enhance your look.  There are so many hair tutorials out there that can help you achieve a beautiful effect and have you ready to conquer your day in no time. Running really short on time? No worries! Hats have you covered. Literally.  

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#7 Last minute overpriced trips

Who hasn’t dreamed of impulsively whisking away on a last minute beach trip? There’s something to be said about spontaneity and last minute excursions. C’est la vie right? Your bank account may disagree. There are dreams and then there is reality.

In 2022, I spent entirely way too much money on trips that would’ve cost me a lot less had I planned and booked things ahead. Looking back I realize I could have taken more trips with less stress doing exactly what I wanted had I used a little foresight. I could have gotten the window seat on the plane rather than be stuck in the middle, stayed at the hotel I wanted had I reserved a room before they were fully booked, and eaten at the restaurants I’d been eager to try had I made reservations in advance. And, it all would have cost much less than last minute prices, which would have allowed me to get away more often. 

In 2023, the plan is to plan. Arranging things 3-6 months out will assure the best flights, vehicles, rooms, tickets and seats at the best prices with less stress and the added bonus of having something to look forward to!

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#6 Floundering Fridays

Making plans isn’t reserved for getaways. Giving yourself something to look forward to every week is a great way to avoid the Friday scramble. 

I left myself hanging a lot this past year. Friday would roll around and I would frantically think about what I was going to do for fun over the weekend. I’d text friends, family members and parents of my children’s friends to see what they were doing and if they’d want to meet up.  

In 2023, no more floundering on the weekends. I’m going to look ahead at what popular shows are coming to town so I can have the best date night possible with my husband. I’ll surprise my kids with tickets for the best seats to the hottest concert they’ve been dying to see. Booking a table for my girlfriends and myself at the hippest new restaurant will assure we won’t be frustrated on our girls night. And there are tools available to help me achieve these goals. My favorite is as simple as it gets.   

Lists aren’t only for Santa or the grocery store. I recently started to keep a running list of things that I want to do either by myself, with the kids or for date night with the hubby. It’s nothing fancy, simply a sheet of paper strategically placed on my nightstand. (The note app in your phone works great as well.) From movies to plays to sporting events and kids play dates, I’m keeping a list and checking it more than twice. 2023 will never see me unprepared or at a loss for something to do.  

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#5 Random pampering

As a busy wife and mom of three, I’m always the last person I think of when it comes to, well, pretty much everything! Prior to becoming a wife and a mom, getting my nails and hair done and booking massages were regular things. But my circumstances changed and those luxuries slid right through the cracks.  

I recently got a 90-minute full body massage.It was my first in 2022. I’d forgotten just how incredible it felt, for my mind, body and soul. I walked out of the spa feeling revived and recharged. 

In 2023, I will schedule recurring hair, nails and massage appointments. These may not happen as frequently as they once did, but to make sure I treat myself, I will schedule my next appointment  as I leave the current appointment. There will be no frantic scheduling of last minute appointments for me; only things to look forward to. 

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#4 Unscheduled tasks

2022 was the year I truly fell in love with my daily planner. However, as much as my planner has helped me, I realized I was still falling short.  I was so diligent about listing meetings and tasks in my planner each day, yet at the end of the day, most of the tasks that I’d jotted down  would go unaccomplished. Yikes!

Something was amiss. I was hitting every meeting showing up prepared, but everything else seemed to be slipping through the cracks. And then it dawned on me.I wasn’t accomplishing my tasks because I wasn’t organizing them properly. My meetings correlated with specific times. I knew exactly when I had to be there and therefore was. However, I didn’t plan set times to do other tasks. Simply writing them down wasn’t enough. I needed to truly organize my day by time. 

In 2023, I will block time in my daily planner to complete tasks. This  means being honest and realistic about how long it will take to complete tasks. There may be a bit of a learning curve, but I foresee myself accomplishing so much more with less stress.

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#3 Afternoon coffee

For a coffee lover, this may seem absolutely crazy, but no need to sound the alarm, my fellow coffee connoisseurs. I’m not jumping ship and giving up coffee. Rather, like organizing the tasks in my planner, I will be organizing my coffee intake for optimal results. I will still kick off my mornings with coffee, but my afternoons will take on the mellower vibe of tea.

Why? Frankly, my afternoon coffees were starting to keep me up at night. Bummer! Being tired yet unable to sleep is the worst. To mitigate this, I decided to take a page from the British and have afternoon tea—ideally herbal.  

To make this practice even more appealing there will be no to-go cups of any kind. I will enjoy my tea from a traditional tea cup and saucer. There’s something about taking a few moments in the afternoon to stop and reflect while drinking fine tea and hearing the clanking of a mug on a saucer. It’s quite fabulous. The British are onto something. 

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#2 Eating on the go

Eating while walking, driving or working at one’s desk is not ideal. In fact, it’s a pretty awful habit that leads to overeating, and terrible  digestion. 

In 2023, I will refrain from eating on the go as much as possible. Instead, I will schedule meal breaks throughout the day to eat and enjoy some me time as I reflect on the day. 

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#1 Big weekday breakfasts

On a typical weekday,  I’d start my day off with eggs, a croissant with cheese, fruit and/or oatmeal. By lunch, I was sluggish and struggled to pay attention and keep my eyes open  through meetings. Rather than revving me up for my day, my big breakfast was doing just the opposite. Instead of being ready to operate at maximum productivity, I was ready for a mid-morning nap.

I recently started swapping out big breakfasts during the weekdays for nutrition-filled smoothies and shakes. Getting over 50% of my daily vitamins, protein, fruits and veggies in one shake at the start of my day has been revolutionary. Not only am  I satiated, I have more energy throughout the day…Perfect! 

2023 New Years Resolution

Years of making lofty New Year’s resolutions that were primarily financial or physical goals are in the past. Literally. I resolve to make 2023 about my journey and finding new ways to improve life and ultimately help me live my best life.  

For more ways to live your best life, check out 5 Principles to Living Your Best Life.

How about you? What will you leave behind in 2022 and pick up in 2023? What does the road to living your best life look like?  

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